Dear Colleagues!

We cordially invite you to participate in

International BioEPR School-conference which

will be held in Novosibirsk, Russia on 26 June – 02 July, 2022

The BioEPR School-conference will introduce graduate and postdoctoral students in EPR spectroscopy, biochemistry and biology to the interdisciplinary area of BioEPR. In classes and selected practicums students learn to apply and interpret EPR spectroscopy in biological research.

BioEPR-2022 will be an excellent scientific event for a young scientist. Lectures by top researchers all over the world provide deep immersion in the field of EPR application for solving urgent problems of biology.

In addition to lectures, there will be following practicums: spin labeling, CW EPR, pulse EPR, EPR imaging, distance measurements, data analysis.

Students will also present short talks and posters for exchanging scientific ideas. A number of student stipends will be distributed on the basis of the abstracts submitted by students.

The language of BioEPR School-conference is English.





Prof. Michael K.Bowman Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Prof. Elena G.Bagryanskaya Novosibirsk, Russia

Scientific secretary:

Dr. Denis A. Morozov Novosibirsk, Russia