The following speakers and topics are currently confirmed:

1. Mark Tseytlin - Rapid-scan EPR (USA)

2. Thomas  Prisner - Dipolar EPR spectroscopy with broadband MW pulses. Applications to nucleic acid molecules (Germany)

3. Gunnar Jeschke - Using distance distribution information for structural characterization of partially or fully disordered proteins (Switzerland)

4. Boris Dzikovski - EPR instrumentation: experiments, frequencies, timescales (USA)

5. Martina Huber- Spin label EPR (Netherlands)

6. Valery Khramtsov - Multifunctional EPR profiling of chemical tumor microenvironment (USA)

7. Olav Schiemann - Nitroxides and trityls as spin labels (Germany)

8. Maxim Yulikov - EPR techniques to study protein-RNA interactions (Switzerland)

9. Sergey Dzuba - EPR for membrane proteins (Russia)

10. Snorri Sigurdsson - Spin labeling of biopolymers (Iceland)

11. Michael.Bowman – ESEEM spectroscopy (USA)

12. Marina Bennati - ENDOR spectroscopy (Germany)

13. Jiangfeng Du – Single-molecule electron spin resonance spectroscopy in aqueous solutions (China)

14. Kev M. Salikhov - New paradigm of spin exchange (Russia)

15. Kazuhiro Ichikawa - Overhauser-enhanced MRI for biomedical applications (Japan)

The list of speakers will be continued.